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Youtube Superstar Plays Canjo - and It's AWESOME!

Youtube Superstar Plays Canjo - and It's AWESOME!

Youtube guitar sensation, Samurai Guitarist has just published a new video featuring "ridiculous" instruments he purchased on Etsy.  One of those instruments just happened to be a C. B. Gitty one-string Canjo!  

The canjo was actually the instrument that spawned the entire C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply Company and the Samurai Guitarist (real name, Steve Onotera) shows its potential as a unique voice within a song. (Fast forward the video to the 9:20 mark to hear it in the song's context.)

Note:  The price mentioned for the canjo in the video is in Canadian dollars.  You can pick one up right here for just $34.99 (USD).

Shane Speal says, "Samurai Guitarist is one of my favorite Youtube channels because he deals with all kinds of guitar related content, from lessons to cool gear."  You can see his entire Youtube channel here.  For more information, check out

19th Apr 2021

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