C. B. Gitty

Cigar Box Guitar Nut and Bridge File

  • Cigar Box Guitar Nut and Bridge File
  • Cigar Box Guitar Nut and Bridge File
  • Cigar Box Guitar Nut and Bridge File


This is a handy set of round files, originally intended for cleaning the tips of welders, but absolutely perfect for filing string slots into nuts and bridges for cigar box guitars! The self-contained set features a range of 13 sizes. Unlike most standard tip cleaners, these feature longer shaft length with a 1.5" length of file towards the end, which makes them easier to use for filing string slots. If you have always had trouble getting your string slots just right, pick up one of these and give them a try! Many builders, including C. B. Gitty himself, already do!

The size (diameter) of the files range from 0.015" (0.38mm) at the smallest up through 0.0615" (1.54mm) at the largest. It should be noted that these files, especially the smaller ones, are thin metal and bend easily. As such, some care is recommended when using them, so that they will last you a good while. These are recommended for wood and bone, and soft metals such as brass, copper or aluminum. Not recommended for hard or ferrous metals.

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