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Ukulele Rod Piezo & EndPin Jack Harness - No Soldering Required!

  • Ukulele Rod Piezo & EndPin Jack Harness - No Soldering Required!
  • Ukulele Rod Piezo & EndPin Jack Harness - No Soldering Required!
  • Ukulele Rod Piezo & EndPin Jack Harness - No Soldering Required!


What could be easier than installing this pre-soldered "plug and play" ukulele rod piezo pickup harness into your ukulele, Cigar Box Guitar or other home-made instrument?

We have designed these harnesses to be as absolutely easy to install as possible. Just drill a hole for the endpin jack, drill a hole for the rod piezo lead to come through the top of the instrument, mount both, plug the lead into the jack, and you're done! The rod piezo could also be glued to the underside of a cigar box lid, if you don't intend to build it into your bridge. Best of all, there is no soldering to be done! Please note that the nut that mounts the endpin jack must be tightened from INSIDE the instrument - the strap button end of the jack does not screw off.
A volume knob is not included with this product. They can be purchased separately hereNote: Insert the piezo only until you feel it catch. If the plug is pushed in completely, it can short the circuit.

These piezo rods are 2 inches (50mm) in length, about 3/32" wide and 1/8" in height, and have 4 "piezo pads" that correspond with the 4 strings on a standard concert ukulele. They can also be cut to shorter lengths if need be - see our how-to article on cutting rod piezos for more information.

We are very excited to be able to offer this item for our CBG-building friends, and we're making them available for far less than you would pay for a very similar item on eBay.

Once you experience the ease and GREAT sound of these soldering-free rod piezo harnesses, you'll think twice about going back to any other way!

We also have these available with a standard rod piezo for 6-string acoustic guitar - see product number 50-016-01.

I purchased these months ago and I didn’t realize when I bought them that I had to soldier them together. I am a stroke survivor and can’t put them together.

I know that I am way past the 30 days.
But I would like to return them at my mailing cost for some credit. I have bought I’m sure over $1,000.00 from you guys and good customer service would say okay to return less some restocking fee.

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