The "Psycho Box" Standalone Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Parts Kit

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  • The "Psycho Box" Standalone Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Parts Kit
  • The "Psycho Box" Standalone Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Parts Kit
  • The "Psycho Box" Standalone Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Parts Kit
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Are you ready to build your own screaming distortion effects pedal? This Psycho Box kit takes our very popular Psycho Knob distortion driver board and gives you all of the parts and know-how you need to get it mounted into a cigar box and ready to play some screaming Rock leads! Best of all, we designed this kit to not require any soldering, so you can be up and rocking in no time!

how-to-pages-small.jpgClick here to see the full-color PDF version of the how-to guide, to see just how easy this kit is to assemble!

Your Psycho Box Kit is like having four historic distortion/overdrive pedals in one circuit!  This easy-to-assemble unit fits neatly into a small cigar box or other similar housing and produces tones like some of the greatest players in rock history.

  •  Position I is BYPASS and turns the effect off, delivering clean guitar tone.
  •  Position 2 is BOOST, giving a slight treble boost, ala Brian May’s tone with Queen.  This setting cleans up muddy pickups and offers a great option for punchy, clean solos.
  •  Position 3 is BLUES, hearkening to the natural grit of Elmore James’ tone.  You can also find convincing Pete Townshend “Won’t Get Fooled Again” overdrive here.
  •  Position 4 is classic ROCK distortion, ala Jeff Beck and the Foo Fighters.  
  •  Position 5 is appropriately called METAL, delivering a mid-scooped Slash/Guns’n’Roses tone. 

Note:  Each setting has endless tonal possibilities depending your instrument of choice, amplifier and even the internal blue gain adjuster.  When used with our 2.5-watt amp circuit, the highest gain, "Heavy Metal" position creates too much overdrive and is sonically unusable.  However, the other three positions deliver great tones in an amp pairing.  

This kit includes all of the internal parts and hardware you need. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A CIGAR BOX/ENCLOSURE! You can use your own smaller cigar box, a metal tin, or other enclosure for it. 



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