Gitty Gang Show #118 | Gitty Gangster Birthday Cheer

Gitty Gang Show #118 | Gitty Gangster Birthday Cheer

In this surprise birthday episode celebrating Ben "Gitty" Baker, the Gang shares several old-time train and folk songs along with Gitty Gangster-submitted performances and an original tuner bushing-countersinking how-to video.

Every Friday afternoon at 2 PM (US Eastern), the Gang goes live with the Gitty Gang Show, a grab-bag variety production full of cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments, how-to's, songs, stories, jokes, and more.

Below is the video from the most recent Gitty Gang Show, episode #118.

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4:08 Strap in for a truly rousing performance of Mingulay Boat Song by Ben and Dan.

10:43 All of the Gangsters out in the Gitty shop surprise Ben with a birthday song.

12:12 Gitty Gangster Marty T. shares his trick to countersink for cigar box guitar tuning peg bushings.

16:06 Gitty Gangster Tim H. plays his awesome piezo-electrified diddley-bow with a fresh percussive flair.

17:50 Ben reveals some of his New Year's plans for the business.

21:10 Check out a couple of the custom 6-string guitars created by master-builder Farley going up for auction on Ebay.

23:36 Ben and Dan go for a double dose of coolness by performing Wreck of the Old 97 and Man Who Never Returned back-to-back.

32:43 Check out these Gitty Gangsters! In response to a request for Gangster-submitted video-shoutouts, these Gangsters sent well-wishes and exceptional musical performances.

35:16 Man, Ben is gettin' good on that cigar box fiddle! In this segment, hear him play Harvest Home.

37:42 Feeling down about where you're at in your own musical practice? Fear naught! Ben shares advice learned from his fiddle-playing about perseverance in training and a positive attitude to keep learning and growing as a musician.

39:47 The Gang discusses one of the coolest instruments they've seen in a while. Featured a Cigar Box Nation newsletter (linked below), the instrument is called an "ondophone," and you have to see it to believe it.

42:36 Gitty Gangster Poorness Studios gathers together three handmade instruments for one fantastic performance of Stand By Me.

45:44 Ben and Dan play the beautiful Arlo Guthrie song City of New Orleans.

51:24 One from the archives - it's a one-finger video lesson of Paul McCartney's Yesterday recorded by Gitty Gangster Glenn Watt.

58:44 Yet another terrific performance by Dan and Ben, this time for the Curtis Mayfield song People Get Ready.


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