Gitty Gang Show #119 | "Eastwood Station" Debut

Gitty Gang Show #119 | "Eastwood Station" Debut

In this episode of the Gitty Gang Show, Ben and the Gang discuss Hobo fiddle innovations, songwriting, and playing in an alternate tuning. Plus, there's Watt Corner, Hobo Junction, and the debut of Dan Woodman's song Eastwood Station!

You're in store for a hoot of an episode. The Gang had a terrific show in which they played some truly foot-stomping, rump-shaking, good old tunes including Eastwood Station, an original written by Dan. 

Plus, they share some of the coolest things from the cigar box guitar community from the past week, and a whole lot more!

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4:46 Ben introduces some innovations in the Hobo Fiddle line; specifically, two 4-stringers with different scale lengths. 

10:03 We share some thoughts from Gitty Gangster Seane C. about the video he shared to the Friends of Gitty Facebook group.

11:18 Gitty Gangster Seane C. plays a fantastic original chord progression filled with thoughtful chops in non-standard cigar box guitar tuning: GBE. 

Here are two examples of strings you can use that are intended for that tuning:

Both the above acoustic string sets are available for electric guitars, too.

12:06 Ben discusses C. B. Gitty's history with the GBE tuning Seane used in his video and the possibilities it presents.

18:00 Ben and Dan play Saint Anne's Reel with Ben on the cigar box fiddle, and Dan on the Coke crate guitar.

20:26 Ben and Dan get you moving in your seat with these two polkas. boom! chick! boom! chick!

24:29 Gitty Gangster Jeff R. shares his wonderfully creative trick for using bottle cutoffs left over from making bottleneck slides.

26:42 Hear all about the Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival down in New Orleans.

30:24 It's Watt Corner, people.

43:10 The Gang talks about where you can post pictures to be featured in the Customer Gallery on and that may also get featured on Watt Corner. Use the link below.

44:30 Check out volume 1 of the new Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook.

46:17 It's Hobo Junction! Get ready to ride the rails with Ben and Dan, and hear some good ol' train music.

47:57 Dan plays his beautiful original tune named, Eastwood Station.

51:36 Ben touches upon songwriting and suggests a future songwriting instructional session with Shane Speal.

53:45 Ben gets you longing for your next train ride with his original song, Good Ol' Train.

56:24 Learn about the train whistle Ben's grandpa made and about the two authentic train conductor's lanterns that hang on the Gitty Gang Show set.

59:11 The Gang plays out the show.

22nd Jan 2020 Glenn Watt

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