Gitty Gang Show #121 | Going Off The Rails

Gitty Gang Show #121 | Going Off The Rails

It's the Gitty Gang Show, episode #121. In this episode, the Gang goes off the rails with a fun and unexpected cover of Ozzy Osborne's song Crazy Train and other rousing performances. Plus, there's a heap of awesome audience-submitted videos, and a whole lot more!

Every Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM (US Eastern), the Gitty Gang Show goes live. It's a grab-bag variety show full of cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. Furthermore, you'll see how-to's, songs, stories, jokes, and the usual shenanigans you'll come to know and love.

In addition to the previously mentioned performances, in episode #121, you'll also see a CBG lesson from the ultimate Gitty Gangster Del Puckett, some terrific kazoo performances of the Gitty Gang Show theme song, and other newsworthy tidbits from around the community.

Watch the video below. Plus, make sure to scroll down to see timestamps that allow you to jump to your favorite show segments.



5:02 Watch this video montage, of Gitty Gang Show theme songs, played on kazoos. 

On National Kazoo Day, Gitty Gangsters Marty Tauber, Chuck Kensinger, Louie LaManna, and Jim Morris recorded themselves playing the song with kazoos and other homemade instruments. Then they posted those videos to Facebook and also allowed us to share them on the show. 

This is proof that the cigar box guitar community is filled with the best people!

10:09 Bet you didn't see this coming: the Gang plays Ozzy Osborne's classic rock/metal song Crazy Train on their homemade acoustic instruments. 

14:33 "Greetings friends and fellow cigar box guitar enthusiasts!" If you're familiar with that line, you know that Gitty Gangster Del Puckett is warming up to entertain, inform, and inspire your cigar box guitar building and playing. 

In this video, Del plays a little 12-bar blues and then shares a lesson about using one chord shape to play in multiple locations on the fretboard to perform a myriad of killer progressions.

17:43 Ben discusses some of the new songbook resources he's been working on and is about to release. Get your copy of Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 1, and keep your eyes peeled for volume 2!

Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 1

Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 1

Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2 (Limited-Edition Spiral-Bound Version)

Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2 (Limited-Edition Spiral-Bound Version)

21:26 It's Watt Corner, people! This is the part of the show that we share photos and stories that our customers and friends shared with us. 

Get pictures and videos of the instruments you build using Gitty parts featured in the Customer Gallery on our website by submitting them through this link. Do that, and maybe you'll see your builds in Watt Corner, too!

37:53 Gitty Gangster Jim Burt, everyone's favorite panda-loving Gangster, plays Amazing Grace on his kazoo.

38:42 Nick jumps on stage to play Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man with Ben, Dan, and Glenn. 

Said piercedarrow57 about Nick's performance, "... super passionate version of this song... this is such GREAT music!"

Another Gitty Gangster, P. Jenkins, said, "... he's got one of the coolest blues/rock voices I've ever heard."

44:49 Watch a friend of Gitty Gangster Bruce Norton's tear it up on stage while playing one of Bruce's 6-string CBGs.

45:52 The Gang performs Midnight Special. Let it shine on me!

51:15 Here's a video from the talented Poorness Studios. In it, Poorness pays tribute to the late, great Chris Cornell by playing the song Doesn't Remind Me on his 6-string parlor guitar and 2-string pizza paddle bass. It's another terrific performance from Poorness that we're grateful to share.

55:05 Get ready for another fantastic video submission, this one from Marting Dunning playing a 4-string CBG.

56:16 The Gang wraps up the show with some community announcements.

59:22 The Gang plays out the show.

4th Feb 2020 Glenn Watt

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