You Gotta Focus On The Good | Gitty Gang Show #120

You Gotta Focus On The Good | Gitty Gang Show #120

In this 120th Gitty Gang Show episode, Ben reminds everyone that no matter what negativity we face in life, we gotta focus on the good.

Join the Gang as they talk about things such as Shane Speal's incredible monthly newsletter, Steve Arvey's beautiful performance of his new spiritual tune, cigar box guitar scale length, and much more!

Watch the Gitty Gang Show episode #120 below, and scroll down to see timestamps that allow you to jump to your favorite show segments.



3:11 Without theatrics or razzle-dazzle, Mike Snowden has quietly built one of the largest public-facing personas in the cigar box guitar community. Hear about Ben's admiration for Mike and what you can do to show someone you appreciate gratitude for what they do.

5:56 On a trip all the way from the American west coast, Gitty Gangster Thomas C. paid a visit to the Gitty shop. He brought along some of his handmade instruments and good cheer. Hear about that visit from Ben and the Gang.

7:24 Cigar box guitars can be used to play more than the blues! Case in point, here's a stellar video performance of the rockabilly band Social Distortion's song Story Of My Life. Gitty Gangster Steve K. plays this tune on his Hobo Fiddle.

12:23 Have you subscribed to Shane Speal's fantastic new monthly newsletter, The Poor Man's Guide? The Gang discusses the importance of Shane's years of hard-won knowledge and the value of him sharing it all in his Farmer's Almanac-styled publication.

21:16 Speaking of newsletters, are you subscribed to C. B. Gitty's? Hear about the editorial that opens this week's Gitty newsletter and the meaning behind it.

25:31 Ben "Gitty" performs his original song titled Where The People Know My Name with a little help from Dan and Glenn.

28:45 Hear about the inspiration for Ben's song and how having "bones in the ground" plays a massive role in songwriting.

31:26 The Gang talks about the recent Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival in New Orleans. It's a fast-growing festival, and some huge names are being attached to it.

32:43 You've got to see this! Check out Steve Arvey performing his original song Oh Ye Savior Walk With Me live at the Samantha Fish CBG fest. It's a terrific performance of a magnificent song.

39:34 Hear about the upcoming 3rd Annual Florida Cigar Box Guitar Festival. It's coming right up!

40:49 Ben talks about CBG scale length - the advantages and characteristics of specific lengths and how they affect the construction and playability of a CBG. 

44:20 Ben has been cleaning up the Gitty shop and gathering tons of one-off CBG components. See what he's doing with all that goodness!

47:02 Ever want to write your own songs? Hear about how Gitty Gangster Danny writes his songs, where he gets his inspiration, and how he overcomes creative blockages. Plus, you get to hear a short bit from one of Danny's newest songs.

56:16 It's Watt Corner, people.

1:07:05 On her latest cigar box guitar, Gitty Gangster S. E. Grace plays the Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

1:09:35 Gitty Gangster Bruce N. shared this video with us of his friend Mark playing Bruce's newest 6-string CBG. What a guitar, and what a player!

1:11:15 Bring on the mountain music! Gitty Gangster Jim M. plays Cold Frosty Morn on a solid-body 5-string banjo built by another Gitty Gangster, Louie L.

Learn how to play old mountain music tunes like the one Jim played.

1:13:32 The Gang plays out the show.

27th Jan 2020 Glenn Watt

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