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Digitally Restored New York & Erie Railroad Broadside Poster from 1868

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This poster features carefully restored imagery from a broadside placard printed in 1868 in Boston, Massachusetts for the New York & Erie Railroad - the forerunner of the famous Erie Railroad. On this poster the railroad sought to advertise ALL of its great features, using as many fonts as the printer could supply, and the result is a very striking piece that oozes mid-nineteenth-century stylish charm. The different topics shown on this poster could serve as the starting point for a full lecture on the history of railroading in America, but we'll spare you that here. Ben "Gitty" Baker digitally restored this great old poster from a high-resolution scan of a worn and creased original, being careful to carry forward all of the stylish antique charm. We print these in-house on 12 x 18-inch heavy cardstock.

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