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Best Value and Lowest Price are Different Things

Best Value and Lowest Price are Different Things

"I build cigar box guitars to sell and recently bought 10 pickups from China only to find that some parts on each pickup were wrong. But Kim at C. B. Gitty offered to help with my dilemma. Thanks to their kindness and generosity, I was able to complete the seven builds I was working on." - Allen F.

Take a moment to chew that over. Allen had ordered some cheap parts direct from China. And after waiting the several weeks it takes for them to be delivered, discovered that they were wrong. He came to us, and even though he didn't buy the original parts from C. B. Gitty, we sent him what he needed to get his builds done.

We strive every day here at C. B. Gitty to be the sort of company that provides value and charges a fair price for the goods we sell. We do not engage in a race to the bottom, price-wise, trying to compete with the direct-from-China market. Nor with cut-rate people set up in their garages and selling at razor-thin margins.

There is no winning a race to the bottom. So our focus remains on growing the entire homemade music movement, through everything we do here at C. B. Gitty. This has become my core personal mission and life's work: to spread the word that anyone, anywhere, can build their own instrument and make music on it. Convincing people to UNPLUG from modern, electronic life and get back to the roots. To take music back, bring it back to the people, and away from the lawyers and bankers and corporate suits who only care about sucking every penny they can out of it.

For those of you who are loyal customers, you have our sincere appreciation and thanks. For those of you undecided about where to get the parts you need, I ask you to please consider what I've written above and keep your business with C. B. Gitty. We eat, sleep, and breathe homemade instruments, and you can be sure we'll keep doing our best to make sure we have stuff you can't find anywhere else.

As always, I encourage you to: Build What You Play, and Play What You Love!

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17th Sep 2018 Ben "Gitty" Baker

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