Shane Speal Live & The Poor Man's Guide

Shane Speal Live & The Poor Man's Guide

Join Shane Speal as he explores burning cigar box guitar topics such as scarf joints, new 3-string lessons, different types of slides, string tension, distortion, a brand-new monthly newsletter, and so much more!


Last week, Shane took the reins of the Gitty Gang Show and hosted a doozy of an episode. 

Aired live from his home studio, Shane did a 45-minute deep-dive on more cigar box guitar topics than you can shake a stick at.

And if you don't have the time to watch the entire video (although we recommend that you do), you can skip to the segments most important to you. 

Just scroll down a bit to see timestamps that allow you to jump to the spots in the video that resonate the most with your interests.

Throughout the video, Shane plays a 3-string fretless Thunderburke Hellhound cigar box guitar. The sounds he coaxes out of that gitty will blow your mind.

Plus, Shane spends some time at the beginning of the broadcast discussing his exciting plans involving a monthly newsletter called the Poor Man's Guide. 

Those plans also include goody boxes filled with must-have cigar box guitar components, bits of inspiration, and other must-have swag.

You're going to want to hear about that!

Now, let's get to those timestamps.


4:17   Shane addresses the old humbucker pickup he found and shared in a previous live broadcast. After having been harvested from an old pair of aviator headphones, the humbucker is attached to what may be the world's oldest electric diddley bow. 

12:05  Shane talks about the Thunderburke Hellhound CBG, loaded with a sweet-sounding C. B. Gitty Tele-style single-coil pickup.

12:46  If you watched the beginning of the video, you probably heard a crazy-funky drone underneath Shane's playing. Skip to this time to hear about the raga drone device Shane uses. 

14:54  Hear about the differences between scarf-jointed and straight headstocks.

17:53  Get excited about this! Shane shares a riff for which he's creating a new 3-string slide CBG lesson. It's "Angel" by Jimi Hendrix.

19:18  Shane talks about the different types of slides he uses and why he makes those choices.

21:23  Hear how Shane gets different tones and voices from his electric cigar box guitar.

23:37  Shane unpacks his reasons for using high string action on his CBGs and reveals one of his sick tricks: the primal vibrato.

25:40  Learn how string tension affects what you play on your cigar box guitar, and what strings Shane uses on his.

27:40  Using AC/DC's iconic Thunderstruck riff, Shane demonstrates the effect distortion has on playing certain rock licks. You've got to see this!

31:13  Shane spends time engaging with the audience and answering their questions.

40:40  Shane addresses his wildly popular lesson for R. L. Burnside's "Nine Days In Jail."

43:52  Shane plays out the show.

7th Jan 2020 Glenn Watt

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