Shane Speal's Essential List of Bulk Parts - Maximize Your Cigar Box Guitar Production!

Shane Speal's Essential List of Bulk Parts - Maximize Your Cigar Box Guitar Production!

Have you struggled to make money selling your cigar box guitars? In this post, Shane Speal shares with you the parts he buys in bulk along with some expert advice to help you make more guitars that sell for more money.

First Bit of Advice: Optimize

Want to build and sell more cigar box guitars? 

Optimize your time and resources. Build your cigar box guitars in 'batches,' much like baking cookies.

Years ago, I designed a cigar box guitar that I strongly believe in and have replicated many times since. 

When building with this design,  I can build in batches, preparing several necks at one time and then move on to prepping the cigar boxes.

Building in batches also allows me to wire up a bunch of piezo pickups in a separate step and keep them stored until I'm ready to install them.

Be Efficient and Creative

Because of this production method, you may fear that building in batches stifles your creativity.

Well, fear naught.

Building in batches doesn't stop you from building from your heart and making artful guitars.

Rest assured, each one can be unique. 

By using this system, you'll just be optimizing your time and resources as you work on different areas of the guitar.

You can still be both efficient and creative.

Buy in Bulk

To totally optimize your building process, it's crucial to have all the right parts on-hand. 

Moreover, it's critical to get those parts at the right price, and all in one shop.

I get all my parts at C. B. Gitty.

To help builders like you and me, Gitty sells many of his parts at bulk prices.

So that you can build with the same efficiency that I've developed over the years, here are my essential bulk parts from C. B. Gitty:


C. B. Gitty CBG Strings - Low Open G "Blues" GDG Tuning - Acoustic Medium

Bulk Strings: 12-pack 3-string CBG Strings - Low Open G "Blues" GDG Tuning - Acoustic Medium

My original cigar box guitar design features three strings, tuned to GDG.

These are the strings I buy in bulk for most of the instruments I sell.

Just over $3 a pack, you can't beat the price.

The fact that they're also Southbound Strings (which I endorse as the best cigar box guitar string out there) makes this choice a no-brainer.

Do you use different size strings on your cigar box guitar? 

Check out the string options listed below:

C. B. Gitty's bulk cigar box guitar strings


C. B. Gitty's bulk multi-packs of cigar box guitar strings


Economy Tuners with Gitty's (Little Known) Bulk Discounts

I've been using this type of tuners on all my guitars for almost 20 years.

In fact, C. B. Gitty offers 3 and 4 string versions of the Economy Tuners as Shane Speal Signature Tuners

I know they work great because my main workhorse cigar box guitar has the original tuners I put on it 19 years ago!

Since I specialize in 3-string cigar box guitars, one set of six tuners is enough for two guitars.

If you're building guitars in batches, take advantage of the C. B. Gitty Economy Tuners bulk discounts. 

These prices are generated during your checkout when you order:

  • Buy 10 - 24 sets and pay only $8.49 each
  • Buy 25 - 50 sets and pay only $7.99 each
  • Buy 51 sets or more and pay only $7.49 each


20mm piezo disks with leads

25-Pack 20mm Piezo Disks - $32.49

and the matching jacks:


Neutrik 1/4-inch mono guitar jacks

25-Pack Neutrik 1/4" Jacks - $49.99

Adding an internal piezo pickup increases the value of any cigar box guitar. 

Every guitar I offer this year will have a pickup, whether piezo or magnetic.

  • The cost breakdown of using these piezos and jacks is just over $3 per guitar, yet I've been able to charge $20 or more for an electrified cigar box guitar over an acoustic one! People want to plug in.
  • Gitty offers cheaper jacks than the Neutriks, but when building in batches, I prefer these over the rest because the shafts are longer. This means the jacks will fit in boxes with varying thicknesses of lids.
  • One more tip: Wire all the jacks to the piezos first and store them in egg crates, one pickup per section. You'll have them ready to go when you build the guitars. 


If you want to make more money selling your cigar box guitars, build in batches and buy your parts in bulk.

C. B. Gitty offers bulk pricing on the most useful parts needed for efficient production.

Shane Speal recommends buying:

Have any suggestions for other parts to be sold in bulk? Let us know at

And now that you've got your new bulk parts list in order, check out more expert advice from Shane Speal on how to sell cigar box guitars for maximum returns...

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