VIDEO:  This Riff Will Help You Sell More Cigar Box Guitars

VIDEO: This Riff Will Help You Sell More Cigar Box Guitars

Want to sell your cigar box guitars? The king of the cigar box guitar Shane Speal shares his sure-fire riff to sell more cigar box guitars with the video lesson in this post. 

Shane Knows What Sells

Let's hand this over to Shane so you can get to the good stuff...

I've been selling cigar box guitars at street fairs and festivals for over twenty years now. 

I've learned that it's not enough to just make some guitars and put them on a table. 

The fact is, you're fighting for the attention of passers-by who are being pulled in by other vendors and attractions.

Playing Your Cigar Box Guitars & Playing Them Well is Your #1 Sales Technique

Playing your cigar box guitars attracts customers like honey does Winnie the Pooh!

As future customers walk by, they'll hear these magnificent sounds coming from your tent or table.

And because of your playing, they'll see that cigar box guitars aren't toys or decorations, but that they are real, viable instruments.

Learn to Play the Instruments You Make!

Cigar box guitars are wonderfully accessible to beginner players.

I created the video lesson above to give you one of the most effective guitar riffs I use to attract customers.

Put some earnest practice into learning this riff.

Make time each day to practice, even if for only a little bit.

Your efforts will pay off exponentially.

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3rd Jul 2019 Shane Speal

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